Monday, March 24, 2008

New cleaning solutions from Henkel

Henkel India introduced its new Bref range of disinfectant-cleaning solutions in Chennai on Thursday. This includes a hard-surface power cleaner, a toiler-cleaner and an in-cistern block. “The advantage of the power cleaner is that it is available in foam form and can even be applied on vertical surfaces,” Henkel India managing director A Satish Kumar told the media. They expect the new range to contribute to about 5% of the company’s turnover in the coming fiscal. The cleaning solutions market (both hard surface and toilet cleaner segments) is estimated at Rs 373 crore. In the last four years, the industry has shown a CAGR of 24%. The segment contributes roughly Rs 25 crore to the company’s Rs-500 crore business in India. Market penetration of toilet cleaners is under 10% in the country, but is growing fast, Mr Kumar said. Bref Power Cleaner would be available in a 400 ml pack priced at Rs 75, while the Toilet Cleaner will be available in 200 ml (Rs 22) and 400 ml (Rs 50) packs. The incistern block would be available in 50-gm block priced at Rs 50.

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